The Secret of Tradition



For our production of leather goods, we use calf leather selected in Italy and tanned in its natural state.


The production of the finished object requires a process divided into 30 phases.


Our unique products retain their shine and warmth, remaining unchanged over time.


We provide prestigious products to global influencers, including popes, heads of state and celebrities

Elegance and Refinement to Keep Your Precious Jewels

Leather Jewel Case


Discover our exclusive collection of leather jewel cases, where elegance meets functionality. Each piece is finely crafted to offer not only a safe and refined place for your jewellery, but also a stylish piece of furniture.

Cigar case

Each cigar case is made from premium leather, offering a refined and durable case for your favourite cigars.

Desk Set

Our desk sets are meticulously crafted from high quality leather, ensuring a stylish and durable finish.

Party Favours

Choose from a variety of styles and customisations to find the perfect wedding favour that will leave a memorable impression on your guests.