Rigid leather processing phases for the creation
of unique and prestigious items for customers around the world

From Rigid Leather To Finished Product


For our production of leather goods we use natural tanned calfskin pelt selected in Italy where it is assembled into various wooden moulds.

The production phases to obtain the finished object are 30 processing steps.

In the first phase, the rigid pelt strip is cut, meaning the hide that is used for the soles of the shoes, therefore a thickness of 3 mm. By wetting it, the wooden mould is wrapped where it is placed in a hot air oven with hemp straps to dry it, keeping it for 24 hours.

Once dried, we trim it at the edges with a cutter and at this point we cut the hide to cover the top and bottom parts. Since the mould is made of rounded wood, we need to wet the leather again, and once wrapped we put it back to dry in the oven for the usual 24 hours.

The Artisanal Trimming, Sanding and Dyeing Process


Taken out of the oven, the leather is trimmed at the bottom and top and we wrap the wooden mould in its entirety. The same shape is polished on all surfaces to remove the roughness of the leather. We take some hot wax called “astro” and spread it around the strip to allow the next wrap to act as a guide.

Once the mould is removed, we cut the finished strip, so it is called since it is another type of material (it is always leather but with a ground top). Once the strip has been stripped with the special knife, we glue it to the rigid leather structure with vegetable paste and wait for it to dry so that it can be trimmed.

We cut the two parts, always stripping them with the knife at the ends of the leather so that when it is glued the couplings are not noticeable.

With hot water we wash it to peel away the glue, and with aniline colours we dye it with the many colours available.

From the Hands of the Masters to the prestigious Rooms of World Authorities, Celebrities and International Showrooms

The uniqueness of the finished product


When the object has completely dried, we take some shoemaker “bussetti” tools and once warm we pass them over the entire product to polish and close the pores of the leather. Once the browning is finished, the paraffin is spread over the entire object to give a unique cloudy colour, and, after removing the paraffin, we mark the item at the point where it will be cut. With lancets we cut along the strip and then remove the mould inside: so we have made an article in solid leather to which we finish the inner edges with a black colour and polish the object.

This item will be unique and will transmit warmth and shine while remaining unchanged over time.

In the 40 years of our production history, we have boasted products such as desk sets in the rooms of the pontiff, the various heads of state and the highest authorities around the world. We are also present in New York in the rooms of celebrities. We remind you that our company is a leader in the sector and we provide the most important showrooms in Italy and the world.