Chi Siamo

From ancient Florence to the Royal Houses: The Story of an Artisan Passion that Conquers
the World with Uniqueness and Personalisation

A Journey in Craftsmanship Since 1983


Our company has been operating on the national and international market since 1983, forty years of careful dedication and love for our artistic and craft profession.

The items you will find in our catalogue are the result of a patient and harmonious passion that always forces us to improve and give the maximum effort for each individual product.

The art of working leather is very ancient, born in Florence in 1800, and the same procedures of the past are used in the creation of the articles of our production, divided into thirty processing phases, which make each piece unique and prestigious.

From the Atelier to the Royal House: Custom Creations For Exclusive Luxury


The beauty of these objects stems both from their vision and from the warmth and softness they convey by touching them.

The particularity of our craftsmanship means that clients such as the English Royal Household, various heads of state and other personalities have chosen them to furnish their studios or to make their families’ weddings more exclusive.

We hope that our items will meet your liking, reminding you that we offer you the opportunity to customise them according to your needs and taste.

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